Amish Bedspread Decorating Ideas


Power-driven vehicles and electricity are some of modern amenities are prohibited to use in Amish community. There is simple life they run and it give impact to their home décor. You can liven up the Amish spirit without sacrificing all its comforts when decorating around your Amish bedspread.


It may seem not practical to light your homes in the Amish way using oil lamps and the battery and propane powered lights. But there are numerous choices to help you reproduce the character of the lighting. Arrange the shelf with a set of classic oil lamps. Add a soft glow with electric candles or candles by hanging a straightforward iron ceiling fixture. Use simple shades for wooden or iron table lamps dressing. Add a gentle radiance to room with sconces designed to imitate the gleaming light of a gas lamp hung on the wall.


Installing hardwood floors suggest the sense of an Amish residence. You may use any type of wood floor but unfinished and let to wear with time in nature would be the most genuine. Place rag throw rugs on the floor and leave it exposed or add braided area rugs to warm up. Berber carpet with low pile in a neutral shade is alternative if installing a new floor is not in your budget.

Windows And Walls

Quilts are used in Amish bedspread and complete Amish-inspired home. Any beautiful quilt will make an authentic look but Amish-made quilts are great. You can make a focal point by hang it on the wall and attract the other of the room’s colors from it. To complete your Amish-themed room add prints or framed paintings of pleasant barnyard scenes country. Instead of farm machinery, you can add picture of one-room schoolhouses, buggies and horses being used to work a field. Give a traditional country look by giving your fireplace a large barn star or several grouped over your fireplace. To add privacy, there are functional roller shades in an Amish home for window dressings. Choose white or beige Roman blinds or muslin-checked curtains for window treatments in simple way for your home.


Reproductions and fine-crafted antiques give the gaze of an Amish home. Toys, magazines, and crafting materials can be stored in attractive baskets and crocks. To pair your Amish bedspread, add a coffee table made of an antique buggy seat. Without making it tedious, give neutral coverings and plain style to upholstered furniture. Use feed bags and quilt scraps to make throw pillows as couches and chairs dressing.