Bedspreads For Poster Beds Rules that You Have to Follow


Bedspreads for poster beds are not too much different with other or usual bedspread. However, four poster beds are always unique and unusual than normal bedroom. It brings dramatic scene for your bedroom and thanks to its four tall poles on every edge. Regardless to the multifunction features, we have to keep decorating our poster beds as beautiful as we can, right? Do not worry about that because we have some rules to do it. Hopefully, you can follow those tips to reach the best bedroom for your home. Read on this article until the end.


The first rule to decorate bedspreads for poster beds is to keep it as simple as possible. Maybe we thought that poster bed should have rich accessories to make it elegant or classy. For your information, it is not the right way to do it. Instead, you can choose simple pattern or solid color of bedspreads in order to do it on the right way. After that, you can add some pillows. Remember, the pillows should have in plain pattern or color. Do not place too many pillows by the way. Moreover, the number of pillows should be two or three pieces only.

Avoid Bed Skirt

The next rule about bedspreads for poster beds is by avoiding the bed skirt. IF you do not know what it is, bed skirt is a kind of dust ruffle. When you apply bed skirt on your poster bed, it will be not good for the bedspread and the poster bed themselves. It looks confusing for our eyes because the location of the skirt is below the bed. Meanwhile, the focal point of poster bed is on the upper side including the bedspread. In other words, your bed focal point is divided into two and it makes our focus divided. Thus, poster bed should not have a bed skirt.


Make Under Bed Clean

Lastly, we focus under the poster bed. Bedspread and the tall poles are the focal point of your poster bed. But, it does not mean you have no attention for under the bed segment. Without any bed skirt means that it can be seen directly from any perspective. So, you have to make it clean as same as the bedspread and other parts of poster beds. Dust and dirt are your common enemy for cleaning the poster bed. Since it is clean, you have no worry about your poster bed after all. That is all of the bedspreads for poster beds rules.