Cheap Bedspreads Ideas


Cheap bedspreads can be your solution when you want to get new bedspreads but you do not have enough budgets. But if you can improve your creativity, you can get your bedspreads by making it yourself. There are some steps that you can do to make this bedroom appliance without spending much money. The first step that you should do is deciding what type of bedspreads you want to make. It is done to know what material and how much fabric you need. After that, you take measurement. Using a tape measure, deduce the length and width of your intended bedspread. Keep in mind how far to the floor you want your bedspread to reach, and add space for seam allowances. Then, determine the thickness of your bedspread. This is used to determine the type of Cheap Bedspreads Ideas that you will use.

Cheap bedspreads can be made from fabric that provided in your home. It is better to you to choose the smooth fabric as the material. But you have to make sure you have all your supply and the correct amounts before you start to make it. Cut the front and back of your bedspread out of your chosen fabrics. Sew your bedspread face and backer together. Then you can prepare the batting. To create the Bedspread and thickness you desire, you can piece several pieces of batting together. Next, attach the batting to the bedspread shell. Turn the bedspread inside out through the un-stitched end. Fold the face and backer fabric at the open end inward, hiding the raw edges. Pin the open end together in preparation for finishing. Stitch the open end shut. Keep your stitching as close to the edge as possible.

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Those are the way to make bedspreads by yourself so that you can save your budget. Cheap bedspreads can be done when you have spare time on your weekend.