Curtains and Bedspreads to Match: The Smart Management and Planning


If you really want to achieve harmony in your bedroom, you can also consider some of the sets of curtains and bedspreads to match. It may be surprising that there is a new trend where the bedspread can look harmonious and balanced with your curtain. But if you take a look at some designs, you will see that some of the matching designs can really look great for the interior décor – in any room, that is.

The Important Elements

The idea of having curtains and bedspreads to match is basically a simple idea that is meant to deliver harmonious and balanced outcome to the bedroom. When you have blue themed bedspread, doesn’t it soothing to see the same color on the curtains? Of course, don’t go too overboard with everything because too much can lead to cheesy and crappy effect, instead of making your bedroom look elegant and stylish.

What aspects can you include in managing a matching curtain and bedspread?

  • The color. Having a matching color is the simplest arrangement but it can backfire. If you have a dark blue bedspread, consider having a light blue curtain. The easiest arrangement is possible when you have so many different colors on the bedspread. Let’s say that you have stripes bedspread with blue, yellow, and white. You can choose either yellow or blue curtain to achieve a matching effect.
  • The pattern. If your bedspread comes with nautical theme, for instance, you can also choose the same theme for the curtain. Let’s say that your bed has anchor and blue waves. Choose a seashell pattern for the curtain to have an identical feel.
  • The texture. If your curtain has pleats, consider choosing a bedspread with pleats but only in some small areas – not all of them.

What to Consider

When choosing the curtains and bedspreads to match, keep it low and simple. You may be tempted to choose bold and bright colors with various patterns but again, simplicity is the key. Don’t forget to consider the décor of your room and the existing atmosphere. If you have a girly setting and décor, choosing a bedspread and curtain with sporty theme just won’t cut it, will you?

Don’t forget about the price tag either. There is an inexpensive set of bedspread and curtain – as long as you know where to find them. After all, managing the right curtains and bedspreads to match isn’t as hard as you think.