DIY Ruffle Bedspread Modern Design


Ruffle bedspread can be your DIY project to improve your skill. It is good activities in your spare time to create beautiful bedding decoration. By doing this activity, you can save your money to decorate your lovely room. Getting beauty decoration does not mean you have to spend much money. You can make it by yourself. It is a simple project that you can do to fulfill your free time. The first thing that you have to do is prepare everything before you start to make this decoration. The first step is you have to find some reverences to guide you to make beautiful bedspread in ruffle style. After that, you can design it according to your personality. When you are done, you can prepare the material you need. Of course the main material of this bedspread is fabric. Try to choose DIT Ruffle Bedspread Modern Design to make the comfortable bedspread. Determine the color that you want to apply. You can use your favorite color on it.

Ruffle bedspread that you create should be good decoration to your room. Now, let’s start to make it. First, you have to prepare fabric that fit with your bedding as the first layer. After that, put another fabric that is going to be applied as ruffle style. Cut the fabric two longer than layer fabric. Cut it for about 5”. Do the same things until you get the cutting fabric in number you need. Then attach them in the layer by sewing in ruffle. Arrange the cutting fabric continuously in a series until the layer full of the stitching cutting fabric. When it is done, you will get your DIY bedspread that will beautify your bedding.

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This Bedspread decoration is easy to do. It will be fun activities, too. Besides, you can use your money to make other decorations to be applied to your room. Ruffle bedspread will give you cool bedding decoration that can make your room more interesting.