Elegant Grey Bedding: Some of the Handy Tips


Have you ever heard about the elegant grey bedding element that is claimed to improve the comfort and atmosphere inside the bedroom? Well, you need to know that grey can be an elegant color but it can also be a dull and boring color. If you don’t know how to manage things right, you will make your bedroom plain, bland, and boring – and it can be depressing. So, how should you manage it?

The Types of Colors to Choose

Choosing the right shade of grey can be quite a confusing task and it can be pretty problematic. If you choose a too matching grey color, it may be dull in the end. Sure, you may be able to achieve the elegant grey bedding effect that you want but it may be dull and boring after a while. Managing a too contrast color can also be a problem because it won’t create a balanced or harmonious effect.

So, what can you do about it?

  • For a starter, combining the same shade of grey is okay as long as you can throw something in between. For instance, if you already have the light grey sheet and dark grey cover, consider having a beige or white shade for the pillow covers. Or if you already have the light grey for the sheet and dark grey for the cover, having a dark green or even black for the pillow covers will deliver an elegant effect.
  • If you do combine the similar shade of grey, consider using the patterns to differentiate them. If you use a shade of white or beige for the sheet and you choose a dark grey for the cover, consider having attractive patterns for the cover.
  • When you already have a big and bold pattern on one area, keep the rest plain. If you already have pronounced and big patterns on the cover, your pillow covers and the sheet should be plain. If you still want to include patterns for the pillow covers, consider the small ones. It is also okay to choose pillow covers with only small patterns on the edges. It can create elegant grey bedding
  • If you already pain your bedroom in grey, don’t have too much grey for the bed. Choose the grey for only a small part of the bed, such as the pillow or the bolster. Don’t include too much elegant grey bedding or you will make your bedroom look completely dreadful.