Floral Bedspread and the Appeal


Floral bedspread can deliver a feminine and girly atmosphere into the bedroom but it can also spark the atmosphere without too much air of femininity. With the right color and the right pattern, the bedspread can make the room look brighter but not overdoing it too much. As long as you can choose the right color and match it up with your existing interior décor, you can achieve a stylish and good-looking effect with simple way and limited efforts.

The Patterns

Just because they are called floral bedspread, it doesn’t mean that they should fill every inch of your bedspread. The idea of floral bedspread is to have bedspreads with flowery patterns on them – with the colors that are close as real as possible. If you like something big and grandeur, choosing the bedspread with bigger patterns is okay – as long as you can combine it with something plain and simple. For instance, if you choose the throw cover filled with big rosy patterns, choose the plain sheet. Even better, your bedspread doesn’t have to be filled with flowers here and there. You can choose patterns along the rim or around the edges so the final outcome will be elegant and not too much.

The Colors

When it comes to floral bedspread, it is pretty common to use bright and colorful hues and shades. You may like white and pink combinations or white and other colors – it is also possible to have white, green, yellow, and pink to have a cheerful and colorful effect for the bed.

However, it doesn’t hurt to try other colors. You can choose the gray tone with pink (or even green) flowers on it. You won’t believe how beautiful and artistic it is – not to mention that it is also elegant and somewhat classy. You can also choose black bedspread with pink flowers or red flowers. Back, after all, is the basic color that looks great when matched with other colors, so you can have a colorful black bedspread to make your bed an attractive focal point inside the bedroom.

The Tips

You can even match a floral white sheet with a floral green cover if you want something contrast and yet not too much. A white plain bedspread with colors and also flowers on the edges is unique and attractive. As long as you can manage your floral bedspread in the simplest and smartest way, it won’t make your bedroom look cheesy.