French Bedspread: The Natural Countryside Appeal


If you are into the French country décor and atmosphere, you should consider having the French bedspread as a part of your interior design. The French décor is simple with basic colors but the overall effect is super stylish and comfy. After all, who says you only need to do grandeur or extravagant work to achieve good styling and attractive design? With the French theme for the bed, you can actually mix and match the bedspread to achieve the wanted result that is pleasing to the eye.

The Common White and Blue

When we are talking about the French bedspread, you will be immediately thinking about the natural French countryside theme that is super simple and yet super sleek and stylish. In fact, you would find out that the French countryside has been considered as one of the most popular and likable theme for the interior décor – not only exclusive for the bedroom.

The combination of white and blue is pretty common, really, but in the French country style, such a combination can really look good and matching. The white sheet with blue pillow covers, white cover with blue floral patterns, and blue quilted duvet with white on the edges is a great example of how the white and blue combo can really look appealing. Of course, such an arrangement doesn’t have to be strict or limited to such design. As long as you can combine the basic white and blue – and you probably add a little color in between – you can achieve the overall French theme effect. You don’t even have to buy a set – if you already have an existing color of blue and white, try combining them both.

Other Color Combination

Of course, the French bedspread countryside appeal isn’t only limited to the blue and white as you can always combine them both with other colors. Have you ever tried combining the white and blue with dark gray? You won’t believe how good the combination is! The white sheet with white blanket and floral blue duvet are somehow looking stylish with the dark gray duvet. Whether you choose different patterns or textures, the color combination is definitely refreshing.

Keep in mind that the patterns for the French countryside style aren’t only limited to the floral patterns. You can always choose the stripes, the leaves, the checkered boxes, and even other free-style designs. There is no strict limitation for the French bedspread option – as long as you keep it simple and uncomplicated.