Gold Bedspread and the Different Users’ Age


Gold bedspread is guaranteed to deliver luxury and elegance into your bedroom – simply by adding a little touch of gold and some yellowish hue to the bed. Depending on your needs (and how you want to achieve the final result), there are different options to choose – and they are about different models, styles, and designs. There are some clever arrangements that you can do so the final outcome won’t be cheap or cheesy.

Gold Bedspread for the Youth

Is it even possible to choose such a bedspread for teenagers or young adults? Isn’t gold always associated with ‘mature’ (if not old) shade of color? Again, it depends on your preference and how you choose the gold bedspread. The key to designing and styling for the youth is to keep everything low and don’t go overboard. Just because you are having a gold theme, it doesn’t mean that you should cover everything with gold. Consider other colors and choose other mix of textures and patterns so you can get the satisfying final look.

For instance, you can always go with the basic light gold with peach cover (with a subtle gold on the rim). If you think that such a bedspread is having too much gold, you can also choose the other colors and add a little gold in it. If you have the white and blue theme, for instance, it is still okay to pair the white sheet with the blue cover and the gold pillow cases. Be sure that such an arrangement can still look luxury and exclusive and yet you won’t be overdoing it.

Gold Bedspread for the Older Adults

If you want to add extra gold hue to the mix, be my guests. An extra of gold will make your bedroom different – and it will certainly add the flair of ‘adultness’ and age into the setting. A white sheet with gold cover and peach pillow cases will look great.  Don’t forget to play with the textures – after all, adults love to play with different textures. Choose fur-like fabric for your gold bedspread theme. Do you want to add pleats or ruffles? You can do it too. Whatever mixture that you see fit for your design with the gold, you can have it in your bedroom.

All in all, gold color should be toned down and paired with light and basic color. Remember that gold bedspread theme isn’t always about covering everything in gold but how to manage it in the cleverest way.