How To Decorate With Lavender Bedspread


Purple or blue are deep colors perfect to accentuate lavender bedspread. Whether the room is a bedroom, living room, or even bathroom, bring to calmness, tranquility and a state of calm to a room with lavender bedding. Add more of an affluent, extravagant feel to the room by adding dark purples via walls and furnishing while keeping the peaceful vibe by neutralizes the room a bit with white trimming to maintain the remaining of the decor on the light side.

Womanly Chic

Introduce feminine side of lavender by giving room pink curtains with lavender bedding. Women and young girls equally love a bedroom with a touch of pink on bedding. Soft, affectionate white gray or light lavender furniture are neutrals ideal to accessorize bedrooms. You may feature pale flowers or designs on a shower curtain, and bath mat with white, lavender or pink to create a feminine lavender bathroom.


Part of the general vibe innate in the room is textile within the room despite of lavender used in room in the house. Rugs, seat cushions, bedding, throw pillows, curtains, and carpeting are appropriate with light grays, creams, whites, and pale lavender. Soften the room a bit by using a warm, pale gray or white for carpeting or a runner to prevent overwhelming from the lavender bedspread as well as with dark purple a bit. Boost the ambiance of the room with white or purple finished furniture and curtains. Add another atmosphere by accent the room with flippantly striped fabric.

Metallic Silver

Lavender bedspread works well with an accent color such as Metallic silver or pewter. A lavender room nicely emphasizes furnishings pieces for instance silver picture frames with white matting trimming or a curved metallic silver vase. You may also choose a shower curtain towel and toothbrush holders with silver designs for bathroom. Give your room striking statement using lavender bedding with a metallic silver graphic.

Dark Furnishings And Highlight

Draw the attention to the artwork contained by black picture frames with white matting to make them show up on lavender bedspread. Emphasize the lavender bedding by giving a black and white theme to the room and black desks or chairs pair well with white pieces and stand out. Suited to a room aiming for an unusual, devout, or romantic mood, you can add a more mystical, deep vibe well to the room with deep purple on ornamental rugs, furnishings, or curtains. Boost the setting canisters, lampshades, and sheer curtains and other purple decorative pieces.