Mission Style Bedroom Furniture Decorating Guide


Cherry, pine, and mahogany are the alternative material though oak is the common materials to make mission-style furniture. Also well-liked in his late 19th-century project, popular craftsman Gustav Stickley introduced the design of the mission-style furniture using a design that was released around 1894 to a chair made by A.J. Forbes. Add an affectionate, natural feel with the furniture’s finish and texture using mission style bedroom furniture without making your home look out-of-date. Particularly when matched with a shade scheme that boosts the finish, almost any decorating theme can be mixed with its straightforward, linear design. Craftsman-themed bungalows, homes, and rooms with stone accents and exposed beams works mostly well with mission furniture in the rustic look.

Room And Atmosphere

Strong oak construction and plain, bare craftsmanship is comprised in mission style bedroom furniture. Without enclosing a space, it can generate a mood and characterize it. Set up excellent visual balance by balance the room’s purpose and size with respect to the color of the furniture. The furnishings seem to occupy less visual space by matching the color of the furniture with the hue of the walls within a shade or two to make the room get a warm, comfy quintessence. Canvas coverings and copper fittings are generally offered in mission-style furniture and the room’s color scheme reflects earth tones.

Hues And Complements

A room that is decorated with mission-style furniture will receive regularity and warmth with color. You should let the color scheme for adjacent walls and detailing dictated by the furniture’s natural splendor when choosing on perfect matching colors to set with the wood grain. The colors found in nature include the taupes, browns, greens, reds, oranges, and blues in soft, medium tones color palette. Successfully join with the furniture’s earthy style and feel by presenting a graceful backdrop making it ideal choices using wallpapers with floral designs while sticking to the nature theme.

Lighting And Poise

Characterize the balance of the space visually and display the affection of rustic wooden mission style bedroom furniture with lighting. Without being visually domineering, add color and liveliness, stylishly repeating a room’s general tone using Stained-glass-style lamps, windows, panels and chandeliers with nature motifs. Instead of spotlighting one part of a room by using straight overhead light, alleviate strict lines and visually make the space larger by placing smaller lamps just about the room. Distressed copper or bronze are metals, earthenware and pottery you should consider when choosing detailing and furnishings for example candleholders and vases.