Purple Bedspread Decorating Ideas


Purple is the most scrumptious shade in your room for the great comforter. Here are tips to help you decorate your bedroom around this purple bedspread. You can add in this into your living space in many ways. The focal point of your room with the comforter can be emphasized and complemented using color, pattern, and texture with the help of some creative thinking.

Complementary Colors

When decorating the room, you will have the chance to inflate your horizons by using colors found straight across from the chosen color on a color wheel called complementary colors. A shade of yellow is a single complementary color for purple. Some shades of green and the golden side and yellows are triad for complementary colors. There will be more patterned fabrics you can add in this way. You can accent with both green and yellow with a paisley print for your solid purple bedspread.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

All the diverse shades existing in the color you want including purple can be added to your room with a single color or monochromatic theme. A solid color comforter will suit this theme well. Create a monochromatic design to darken or lighten this shade using the shade and color of the bedding. consider using a deep lavender blind or drape with throw pillows on the bed in both light and dark lavender if you have a beautiful purple bedspread. Give a restful feeling with a more subtle look using monochromatic rooms.

Theme That Suit The Age

The age and character of the individual using a room should be reflected from it. A green, yellow, and purple polka dot decorated bedroom would make a little girl more pleased than an elegant black, purple, and silver themed bedroom. Give brilliant and joyful photos or artwork with silver frames. Make them enjoyable with some ruffles or tassels rather than plain throw pillows.

Metallic and Neutral Colors Accent

Add some flair to your room by accenting with neutral colors which are black and white. If you have patterned bedding, it works extremely well with these colors while any complementary color scheme can be added with either color. You can pair anything with black and white as well as metallic accents. Most settings would work well with gold, Silver, bronze and pewter. Add black and white photographs to the wall with either silver or white picture frames, make complementary colored throw pillows and paint a softer shade of the purple bedspread to the walls in your room. Complete the look with a posh white rug and a pure white curtain.