Tips For Making Lightweight Bedspreads


Quilted bedspreads should be warm, but you can do something to make them lightweight. When the summer comes, regular quilts feel a little bit hot due to the warm weather. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your quilts from your beds just because it’s summer. You can make comfy, breathable, and lightweight bedspreads perfect for the summer months choices that will help make it if you know the tips and tricks.

Pick the right material

Lightweight Bedspreads

Your fabric choice is the one you’ll need to consider if you want to make lightweight bedspreads. The best choice for breathability overall is cotton but you have to avoid heavier-weight cottons such as chambray or denim. Between the different fabric manufacturers there are differences in weight of quilt cottons but they are fine. your batting will show through with quilt cottons that are so thin so beware of choosing broadcloth though the fabric will lighter, the thinner it is.

Other cotton fabrics are a bit more costly than conventional quilting fabric. Cotton voile is very lightweight and lenient making it a popular choice for quilts. similar to voile is cotton lawn but it might not feel as sooth touching the skin as it have a tendency to be more crusty and less smooth than voile. A lovely choice for lightweight bedspreads is Cotton double gauze. This exceptionally delicate fabric is initially manufactured and designed in Japan, and now starting to be gaining popularity and some of the United States huge fabric manufacturers produce it.

Go for batting

Your choice of batting is possibly the major aspect in creating lightweight bedspreads. It’s essentially not quite so simple into thinking the quilt will be warmer with the heavier batting. It feels extremely lightweight with Polyester. Your quilt will not be as heavy as wool or cotton if your quilt batting use it. However, polyester will result in a warmer as it is a synthetic fiber and not breathable.

Lightweight Bedspreads

Though wool has the prettiest screen, it is not suggested for summer quilts as it is absolutely the warmest choice of the natural fibers. Though it feels hefty and weighs a lot, cotton breathes and is somewhat better. For lightweight bedspreads, bamboo batting is recommendable as It’s an ecological natural fiber, lightweight, smooth and with outstanding breathability. For an ideal summer quilt, choose a voile bedspread quilted with bamboo to create drapey, deluxe piece but still lightweight as a quill.