Tips For Matching Curtains With Wall Color


If you want to have a pleasing space, you must complement the pieces with each other regardless of how well your furnishings. This is the most important tip when it comes to walls and window treatments. Make sure you have matching curtains with your wall paint to create a cohesive, well festooned look. You can add the look of monochromatic by picking an off-shade color of your wall paint for curtains.

Create Monochromatic

Choose for curtain fabric with a darker or lighter color version in the same color group as your wall color to make solid-colored curtains with a classic look. If your walls are apricot, pick matching curtains with burnt-orange color or vice versa. Stick with the wall color in up to three shades if a subtler color difference is your goal.

Use Color Of The Wall

You should add no less than a bit of the wall color for the pattern for a color-corresponding look with patterned curtains. Pick an ivory or white background pattern with if you have ivory or white walls. Use the color in foreground or background design of the fabric pattern if there are more colors on your wall. In either case, there is no need to keep for a precise color match. Only a recurring color seen by the eye if there is just two shades darker or lighter on the color in the pattern than the wall color.

Complementary Colors

Colors that are opposed each other on a color wheel are complementary. The solid-colored walls contrasted to solid-colored matching curtains are often too great to use though it is classic using complementary color schemes. As an alternative, you can blend a neutral on a fabric pattern with the complement of your wall color to soften the contrast. Orange is the complementary color for blue walls. Use a white-orange quarterfoil pattern or an ivory-orange stripe for the curtains. Ranging from rust to apricot, tan, ivory, and orange shades featured on a paisley as neutrals with diverse values of the wall color’s complementing mixed pattern.

Stick With Neutral

Choosing a neutral color for matching curtains can soften the general look if your walls are strong color. Both cool and warm wall colors are good for white curtains. For cool colored walls, opt for dove oyster or gray curtains, or for warm-colored walls, choose champagne, ivory, or butter cream for something less harsh. For the neutral look, both tone-on-tone and solids printed fabrics are great ideas.