Twin Size Bedspreads Standard Dimensions You May Want To Know


Your room’s decor will get harmonious, delicate, or bold look with twin size bedspreads. Give a more refined look to your room and give sheets and layers of blankets a finishing touch with a twin bedspread. Different countries and manufacturers may have their own bedspread dimensions. You can try taking the length, width, and height of your mattress measurement, and also the tallness in inches between the top of mattress and the floor. For reference, note down these dimensions in inches and carry this list with you when visiting the bedspread store to compare the mattress size with the bedspread’s real size.

Measure The Bedspread

It should fit a 75 inches long by 39 inches wide mattress and measures 110 inches long by 80 inches wide when it comes to a standard twin size bedspreads. The two sides and base normally would pull out to the floor for a bedspread. The additional fabric reaches the floor from the sides and bottom of your bed in a 20 1/2-inch fall. This standard fall to the floor from the top of your mattress could have various actual heights. You will be able to tuck a pillow with the additional fabric length. It measures 80 inches long by 39 inches wide with a twin XL mattress, with the standard twin mattress is 5 inches shorter. If twin XL bedspreads are not available in the bedspread manufacturer, cover a twin bedspread over your extra-long bed. The side edges of the standard bedspread should lengthen to the floor while the bottom edge will possible turn up undersized at the foot of the XL twin mattress.

Change a King to a Twin Size Bedding

You can conceal the new seam in a changed comforter with a twin-size cover. You can try a nippy, easy modification project using your scissors and sewing machine if your twin size bed requires a fresh while the only spare you have is a king-size comforter. Standard twin size bedspreads has easily the same length to a king size though the king normally measures 86 inches wide. You can completely fit a twin bed by only trim the length, terminate the cut edges and rotate the bedding around. It is easy changing the size of synthetic bedding filled with batting. It is possible but trickier to alter a down-filled comforter. To allow for easier to clean the bedding and conceal the hemmed edge, try using a cover for the bedding.