Vintage Bates Bedspread: How to Set The Prices


Many of homeowners love to see vintage Bates bedspread even in this modern era. For your information, Bates bedspread exists since 1960s. That is why people are still looking for these products because they have unique characteristics that we have never found on other brands. Perhaps, these bedspreads are inherited from our parents or estate sale. Regardless with the way we got this classic bedspread, we are always stuck to give the prices of Bates bedspread. Actually, this is not always all about money. But, it can be also all about the arts. Without further ado, here are some tips to set the prices of Bates bedspread which is categorized as the vintage bedding.

Antique Dealer

First of all, it is important for us to see local antique dealer firstly before setting the vintage Bates bedspread prices. Of course, you have to look for the dealer who concerns in textile business. To get actual advices, you can bring your Bates bedding to them. They will see it and say the number. Remember, you are meeting them in order to get some advices, not selling the bedspread instead. After that, the antique dealer will appraise the Bates bedspread through their knowledge about the prices of bedspreads. We believe that local bedding stores are also available in your local area.

Reading Books or Magazines

We are going to the second method of how to set the prices of vintage Bates bedspread. It sounds like old-fashion method because we have to find some books which discuss about the antique textiles. Luckily, some magazines have also discussed about this topic these days. It may be time-consuming but we are sure that this is the most effective way. You do not have to go anywhere because you just read through internet or using online bookseller. Those books will give you some information about the price of Bates bedspread. Make sure the book talk about antique textile on your local area.



Last but not least, it will be easier for you to determine the value of your Bates bedspread depending on the condition of it. In other words, you may get some specifications of your vintage bedspreads now but it does not mean that you have finalized the value or the price. You have to determine the condition of the bedspread too before you reached the final price. If it has some negative things on it, you can reduce the price or increase the price if your vintage Bates bedspread is still good.