What You Need To Know About Chenille Bedspreads


Chenille bedspreads are referred from a cotton bed sheet where cotton twists of threads have been upstretched over it and then amended that result in unclear caterpillar outcome. This is where the chenille gets its name meaning caterpillar in French.  These bedspreads have a couple of other distinctions of chenille called hobnail and needletuft.

The needletuft VS hobnail

The needletuft VS hobnail

This needletuft spread features the loops that are outstretched way up similar to the typical chenille except it does not cut the loops.  People usually create floral patterns using Needletuft loops. The loops of hobnail chenille are not cut similar to needletuft spreads, but there are much more compact loops.  It most strictly looks like chenille’s candlewicking forerunner with Hobnail.  The Martha and George Washington pattern spread use hobnail Chenille bedspreads that the primary creator was Bates.

Historical Chenille Brands

In the prior part of the 20th century, it was homemade for chenille bedspreads. Because cottage industry was the starting of Chenille bedspreads, these handmade charms are now mentioned to as cottage bedspreads. They are started to mass producing by Montgomery Ward, Sears and other large manufacturers with they became more popular.  But, Morgan Jones, Cabin Crafts, Hofmann and Bates are 4 main brands that are most predominant in the collectors’ world these days.

Chenille Dimensions

The needletuft VS hobnail

It’s not impossible yet a bit difficult to find the size that you need as antique Chenille bedspreads were created at a period when queen and king size beds were not closely as popular as they are currently.  To take sizes of the extent and breadth of your bed and buy the bedspread that has the sizes nearest to your requirement is the best method. Begin on one side of the bed someplace you want the range to drop when measuring the width and then go into and diagonally to where you want to drop on the opposite side.

Purchasing Chenille

To browse an online shop is one of the best methods to discover a wide-ranging of antique Chenille bedspreads.  In order to have a satisfactory purchase, here are particular things you must search for. Looking for a lot of images is the first step.  You should find one picture that displays the whole spread, side to side, top to bottom. See some close up pictures displaying diverse parts of the spread to give you a good impression as to the state and excellence. Ask the seller to show a picture of the tag telling the maker’s name if specific maker of chenille bedspread is the one you want.